Anuk’s Drum Workshops 2020


Anuk Atush came to Ravenswood in the summer of 2020 and a series of synchronistic events lead to him living with us for an entire year. Many stories were shared around an open fire about his younger years in Newfound Land and Labrador and his effort around the property was enormously valued. Through the year of him living with us we decided to help each other with earnings by running drum making workshops on our back porch. To share Ravenswood and to share Anuk’s great talents with others was a seamless and natural consolidation for our relationship. We received several requests through the summer and the fall. All of our lucky guests left Ravenswood inspired and satisfied with their new found achievement of building their very own traditional hide drum. Into the summer of 2021, Anuk set sail to his next adventure. His modesty and kindness are an inspiration for everyone who knows him and we wish him the best of luck in where ever great Grandfather takes him next.

Gooch Wedding @ Ravenswood 2018


A moment of union between partners and families set on a glowing summer day in the most idyllic of all Ontario forests. This also sets the record for most guests hosted in one day at Ravenswood. Dinners took place in outdoor tents in the driveway, and snacks were on the back porch. Mark Gooch and Andrea Gooch were married right on the deck of Denise’s bunkie. With all precautions of rainy weather in place it fortunately turned out to be the most spectacular of all mid August weekends.

Client: Mark & Andrea Gooch
Category: Event
Status: Wedding
Date: August 2018