Rocking out @ Ravenswood

One of the highlights of the year at Ravenswood is the annual David Barrett guitar Summit; it takes months of planning, surprisingly. Surprising because it’s only one weekend and only 12 guests, but the detail involved with the event is as much as would be required for a corporate-scaled event with 200 people. Sponsors, catering, lodging, workshops, break-out sessions and general management during the event (snow plowing, shovelling, making sure cabins are heated, among other tasks). Because of the close connection between HotHouse Creative Inc. and Ravenswood Enterprises, we have the kind of graphic design support that should be the envy of any world-class gathering; lanyards with name tags, posters, room signage, website support graphics and schedule pages are all branded and perfectly executed.

This year’s David Barrett Guitar Summit will be as epic as the past three years and we really look forward to seeing our guests again. Since we only have so many rooms at Ravenswood, we get overflow support from our neighbours at Red River Retreat (facebook) who run a really beautiful cottage retreat property. We are so grateful for their help year over year.

It looks as though we are sold out for this year – almost 3 months ahead of the event which takes place this year on January 29th to the 31st. Before our dinner, Pieter van Oudenaren, our cheese expert, will be sampling some very fine, award-winning cheeses from Mariposa Dairy. David Barrett Trio will play a full set concert in the main room which is always a mind-blowing experience. Suffice it to say, this is an incredible weekend to be involved with and we can’t wait!