In 2013 Ravenswood held it first artists’ workshop, David Barrett Guitar Summit 2013. The event, hosted by guitarist and composer David Barrett, sold out quickly and became the template for a very successful and well-executed guitar workshop. David hosted three distinct workshop classes throughout the weekend. The guest experience was enhanced with cheese tastings, gourmet catered meals, and music performances with midnight jam sessions.
A concert by the band, David Barrett Trio was held in the main room for our guests, and was likely one of the most intimate rock concerts anywhere on the planet! The sound was as fantastic as the performance itself.

An educational and interesting addition to the weekend was a guest appearance by a prominent Canadian luthier, 2014: Pete Swanson of Dagmar Guitars, and 2015: Tony Karol of Karol Custom Guitars. The discussion on making, marketing, and playing guitars was fascinating to listen to and learn from.

In 2015, we introduced “The Vinyl Lounge”. Located on the second floor of the Forest Bunkie, a vintage receiver and enormous speakers fill the atmosphere with sounds from new and old vinyl records and reel-to-reel tape. It’s a room ready for rock ‘n roll, jazz, blues and your favourite music heroes. The space is graced with classic black and white photos of guitar legends.

You can find the rest of David Barrett’s exceptional discography on

Client: David Barrett Guitar Summit
Category: Music
Status: Annual Event
Date: End of January